TSL Sports Talk Recap: Kevin McCants 

This week on TSL Sports Talk, Washington DC based Criminal Defense Attorney, Kevin McCants joined us to talk about Aaron Hernandezs guilty verdict in the murder of Odin Lloyd. Check out the highlights below.

If McCants was shocked that Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder:

Well, I was surprised that the jury concluded with a first-degree murder conviction. I thought that the length of time that they were deliberating meant good things for the defense but it was surprising.

If McCants thought that Hernandez got his moneys worth in terms of affording the best defense team money could buy:

I dont question other peoples defense strategies for the most part, but there are things that I wouldve done differently. I think that you have to use the governments evidence a lot than trying to paint a picture where may you have thin evidence and just meet the governments evidence head on. I didnt see a lot of that. I saw more of shirking and running from the evidence than anything as a defense for the case.   


Listen to the full interview above to hear McCants break down Hernandezs trial and more.

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