TSL Sports Talk Recap: Joel Corry

This week on TSL Sports Talk, we welcomed former NFL agent and contributor to cbssports.com and The National Football Post, Joel Corry, back to our show, where he talked with us about recent litigations making headlines in the NFL.

Corry, on Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season without pay:

He [Roger Goodell] didn’t get it right. The power’s not out of control because The Players Association in the last round of bargaining –when there was the lockout in 2007- agreed to give him this power. So that’s on them for not standing strong and holding firm and giving up some other concession so that he wouldn’t have the power to make these decisions or hear the appeals. But in this case, it’s an over-reaction to his under-reaction on Ray Rice. One of the things I find ironic is Adrian Peterson –the man who gave excessive punishment to a four-year old- is complaining about an excessive punishment he received. Since Roger Goodell seems to be governed by the court of public opinion, what he should’ve done on last Sunday’s telecast, on various networks, is put up five different options for the fans to vote on. Text in your response and whichever one got the highest number, that should’ve been Adrian Peterson’s punishment because he’s seems to be dictating everything by what he thinks the public should serve instead of having some clear guidelines and standards where there is precedence.   

On RGIII being scrutinized in the media:

I think the well was poisoned initially because what typically happens with the Redskins is Daniel Snyder has a habit of befriending the superstar player on the Redksins and he gives them -what appears to the other guys on the team- preferential or special treatment. That’s problem #1 in DC. Problem #2 is, RGIII lacks self-awareness with the media because what he needs to do –and Santana Moss touched on it last year- is you need to take blame, even if you aren’t to blame, because you are the QB. So that’s something maybe the agent can stress and talk to him about in terms of media training. Also maybe hire an expert in media training. Do some sessions with him so he has a better game plan of what to say and what not to say because it seems like RGIII needs to master the art of talking, while saying nothing.     

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on Adrian Peterson and other news in the NFL.


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