TSL Sports Talk Recap: Everson Walls

On last week’s show, one of the NFL’s all time greatest defensive backs & Grambling State alum, Everson Walls, joined us on TSL Sports Talk to talk football. TSL Sports Talk host Mark Gray, opened up the discussion by asking Walls how the recent controversy at Grambling State has affected him as a Grambling State alum and football legend.



“What [the problems at Grambling] has done to my heart is- it has broken it, but it has also healed it, thank God.  At this point, Grambling’s leadership has really failed the young men there that are trying to be student athletes… You also have to look at the fact that when you got a system that’s so broken, that’s trying to heal itself, you’ve got to start from scratch. And I think what those young men have done down there on the team, leadership has taken place within the student athletes’ circle. It’s really made me proud, and as a Grambling alumni, we have supported verbally and financially those young kids so that they can overcome those failures that the leadership at Grambling has put upon them.”


Listen to the full interview below to hear what Walls has to say about allocation of funds raised for Grambling State, what it will take to get Grambling football back on track, what it was like playing for Hall Of Fame Coaches Eddie Robinson, Tom Landry, & Bill Parcells, & more.

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