TSL Sports Talk Recap: Broderick Fobbs

Yesterday on TSL Sports Talk, we welcomed back head football coach at Grambling State, Broderick Fobbs. TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray opened up the discussion by congratulating Fobbs on restoring the credibility of Grambling’s football program and asking Fobbs what changes have been made to improve the program since the negative attention it received in the media last season. 



We started out back in January really focused n the inside. We talked about playing with great heart and playing with great passion, and also executing mentally. We started from the inside and we weren’t expecting [improvements] to surface this quickly, but we’re just fortunate to be in the position that we’re in.


Fobbs on whether the focal point was to restore confidence in current players or finding new talent for the program:

I think the first thing I wanted to do was talk about the situation and go through it and see what happened. Not only that, but also to let [the players] get to know myself, my staff and we get to know [the players]. It’s the only way you’re going to be successful. First you’ve got to start a relationship and build a relationship. You’ve got to build trust. That’s the first thing we wanted to do. After we build trust, then we presented to them our program and what we wanted to do.

Listen to the full segment above to hear more on Grambling State’s improvements and their anticipated match ups this season.   


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