TSL Sports Talk 10/13/16- Jessica Luther & Lloyd Vance

In today’s show we address a horrible epidemic plaguing college football- the rape culture. From Baylor, to Tennessee to Florida State and everything in-between, college football has turned a blind eye to sexual assault and rape for too long when it comes to their athletic programs and it needs to stop. Author Jessica Luther shines a powerful spotlight on this alarming practice in her new book, Unsportsmanlike Conduct: College Football and the Politics of Rape, and today she joins us to discuss the book and this horrendous situation.

Also on the show is our good friend Lloyd Vance, who drops by to talk about all things NFL, including what’s happened to the Carolina Panthers and the NY Jets.

Two of the best in the game drop knowledge about the good and bad in the sport of football. So grab a chair, a pen and a pad and get ready to take notes because TSL Sports Talk is taking you to school.

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