TSL Comic Book Convo Presents: Illustrators Jennifer Crute and Micheline Hess

    This week’s TSL Comic Book Convo is a discussion with illustrators Jennifer Crute and Micheline Hess of Rosarium Publishing. Their books are Jennifer’s Journal: The Life of a SubUrban Girl and Malice in Ovenland, by Ms. Crute and Hess respectively. Though the title of this offering is branded as TSL Comic Book Convo, we come across illustrators who practice in many other artistic mediums as well. Jennifer’s offering is cleverly done in that its style, reminiscent of what one might find in a children’s book, draws the unsuspecting reader in and speaks frankly about what it is to be a Black woman in America.  While Ms. Hess’ offering is more of the traditional comic book style, though this particular graphic novel broaches subject matters and topics via a fanciful world of characters and circumstances. Check out our lively discussion.  And for more information on these works log on to www.rosariumpublishing and www.theartistcrute.com. 

    Malice in Ovenland 

    Jennifer’s Journal: The Adventures of a SubUrban Girl