TSL Comic Book Convo Podcast: Israel Idonije Talks The Protectors

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Israel Idonije, a man who wreaked havoc on the NFL gridiron for 12 years. But this conversation was not about his playing days, but his days of comic book creativity.

Specifically, were talking about the new graphic novel he has been producing that has been turning heads and steadily gaining fans. 

The new graphic novel is called The Protectors and takes place in a fantasy world in which a group athletes come to realize they have been given special powers and must use them for the benefit of all mankind.

However, their archrivals are the greedy, blood-thirsty Dissenters. Theyre a group of aliens who will stop at nothing to defeat this group of muscle-bound heroes.

Check out our discussion about The Protectors, his inspiration for the book and much more in this weeks TSL Comic Book Convo podcast.

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