Trump Came For The Sports World So LeBron Claps Back With “U Bum”

Trump has been agitating and attacking people ever since Twitter was created, whether it be President Obama, foreign countries or individual people. But in the last two days, Trump took it to another level when he went after Kap, NFL players who support his movement and Steph Curry.

So in response, King James stepped into the Twitter booth and Superman came alive in the form of this:

The Shadow League on Twitter

LeBron is not here for the play play.

King James’ clap back has been trending all morning, letting Trump know that he needs to stay in his lane. But he wasn’t alone, as Chris Paul added an assist to LeBron’s slam dunk.

Chris Paul on Twitter

And I doubt he’s man enough to call any of those players a son of a bitch to their face…

Trump has now entered the world of sports through Twitter, solidifying the fact that athletes can’t just stick to sports and deflating any argument from those ignorant enough to state that claim, many of which are his own supporters.

Knowing him like we all do, he’ll be responding and attacking more athletes very soon. But we’ll all be ready.

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