Tristan Thompson Goes Flip City On LeBron James 

LeBron James was on his Michael Jordan heavy in Clevelands 135-130 overtime victory over the Pacers on Sunday night. His offensive game was on some flashback to the mid-2000s as King James dropped a bulldog 41 points, outdueling PG-13 who had a 43-point, nine-rebound, nine-assist night himself.  offensive mastery in the process.

Then, in the later stages of the game, Bron thought he was Jordan in a Chicago Bulls practice in 1996 and he started screaming on Tristan Thompson about a missed defensive assignment or something of that nature.

Problem is, Thompson isnt Steve Kerr or Will Perdue. (They actually got punched in the face in practice, but you get my drift)

And while the two NBA ballers claim to be great friends, they have had a war of words in the past concerning Thompsons contract and his cup of coffee rebound relationship with Lamar Odoms ex-wife Khloe Kardashian. Bron has been overstepping his boundaries a bit for some time now.   

Thompson demonstratively argued with James all the way down the court and continued the argument after they reached the huddle following a three-pointer by Kevin Love. Thompson was the more aggressive dude in the situation, but he was the one that was tight so thats understandable. He was up in LeBrons face and he looked as if they were on the streets, he would have put hands on The King — who was unsuccessfully trying to calm Thompson down.

King James might rule the basketball landscape, but he doesnt rule Tristan Thompson and Thompson is no court jester. He flammed on LeBron like, Brother have you lost yo mind? My wife and kids are watching this sh*t.

Coach Tyronn Lue tried to play peacemaker but this was obviously about more than basketball. Thompson was G-checking LeBron who fell back and later admitted his indiscretion in a postgame interview.  

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I gotta do a better job of not showing up my teammates on the floor, Bron admitted. I had the right intentions in mind but the wrong words came out my mouth

Ever the politician, Bron felt a need to speak on it, but Thompson wasnt sweating the situation.

We family, Thompson said.  A little miscommunication…and we move forward. It is what it is.

Thompson is about his business and is moving on from the situation. He just had to let it be known that James wasnt going to talk to him like he was his child. Being the greatest basketball/businessman in the world doesnt give you the right to embarrass teammates who are giving the same effort and surviving the same NBA wars.  

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