Trevor Lawrence Tries To Give CPR To A Dying College Football Season

With the Fall 2020 College Football season on life support as Power 5 conference commissioners huddle to determine how they will move forward with the season in the middle of a pandemic, there are many sources calling the cancellation or postponement of the season inevitable. 

However, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the projected No.1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, is willing to risk it all to get back on the field — COVID-19 pandemic and all.

Lawrence is trying to rally the troops to support the idea of having a season Before the clock strikes 12. He has plenty of support from politicians, players, some coaches and people who simply don’t believe that the pandemic is serious enough to suspend the season. 

Lawrence took to Twitter to voice his opinion as to why the 2020 season should be played. 

Lawrence has a contingent of fans who support his crusade.

Politicians have also been snooping around the process and offering their two cents. President Trump tweeted in support of Lawrence’s #WeWantToPlay initiative. 

Some other Republican lawmakers have also expressed support for a college football season. 

My sources say that by the morning, the PAC-12, Big Ten and other money-generating conferences will officially cancel the Fall season, which then opens up the possibility of playing football during Spring season.  

Several high school coaches I’ve spoken with, who are sending several top-rated recruits to Power schools, say the possible cancellation of the season has really destroyed their college experiences already. The high school kids who won’t get to showcase their talent for college coaches are distraught as well. 

Nothing can be predicted or planned in the age of CVOID-19. 

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