Travis Scott Joins Maroon 5 For Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl is still looking to add more acts to the slot but Travis Scott did end a long drought.

The 2019 Super Bowl halftime performance drought is over, and some won’t be pleased it’s because of Travis Scott.

TMZ reports that Scott has confirmed a slot on the halftime show bill alongside Maroon 5. Months and months have gone by without any additional confirmed performances by acts. Many of them like Rihanna passed on the spotlight because of their support for Colin Kaepernick and his initiative. While Waka Flocka and others bashed the league for passing over Atlanta rappers.

Meek Mill on Twitter

For what????

TMZ has reported that Cardi B, Big Boi, as well as several other artists, are in deal talks but nothing has been confirmed yet. Cardi B has previously said she’d never perform at the Super Bowl unless they reinstated Kaepernick. And Big Boi, who is originally from Atlanta, could be the act they use to appease everyone.

But the league still has yet to address the elephant in the room.


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