Black QB Chronicles: NFL’s Top 5 Melananted Quarterbacks Entering Week 14

When you put together a list of Top 5 Black QBs throughout the season it’s hard to envision Patrick Mahomes not being on the top line just about every week. So let’s see who else cracks the list through 13 weeks of NFL football.

1. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)

For the 2020 MVP leader and recognized “activist athlete”, it’s business as usual as he just goes out and shreds defenses weekly with arm, legs and football IQ.

How about the trust that Andy Reid and Eric Bienemy had in him at Tampa leading 27-24 and facing a 3rd and 8 with just 1:30 left in the game. Bucs have no timeouts, but the Chiefs still allow Mahomes to pass the ball, knowing an incompletion stops the clock and gives the ball back to Tom Brady with a chance to win or get into field goal range to tie it.

Mahomes climbs the pocket and throws a strike to Tyreke “Cheetah” Hill. Game, set and match.

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Then this week in a game against a Broncos team that plays hard, the Chiefs weren’t at their best but with him leading they found a way to get to 11-1. Couple that with the Steelers’ first loss and KC is in prime position to get that single bye with the new playoff format.

They’ll be tested by Miami and New Orleans in the next two weeks. Mahomes has passed for 3815 yards along with 31 touchdown passes, just 2 interceptions with a 68% completion percentage. A hefty 113.8 QB Rating is just icing on the cake for football’s best signal-caller.

2. Deshaun Watson (Texans)

People will say, how’s he ahead of Russell Wilson?  My reasoning says that he’s passed for 3542 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, 6 interceptions with a 69% completion percentage.

That’s AFTER losing DeAndre Hopkins in the off-season. His QB Rating is 110.0. The team isn’t very good and that’s not all on him either. All Watson needs is for KC Offensive Coordinator Eric Bienemy to come and sprinkle some of the magic on him that Bieniemy’s given Mahomes. I don’t know what the Texans are waiting for. They should have an offer ready as soon as the Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

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3. Russell Wilson (Seahawks) 

After being the leading MVP candidate for the first half of the season, Russ hasn’t been as dynamic and a lot of it is because of his porous defense that’s ranked second to last in the entire NFL !!

That defense makes RW3 feel as if he has to score a touchdown on every drive and this has led to a lot of forced passes and questionable decisions which is something we don’t usually associate with him.

That home loss to the Giants is on the entire team, but he played a huge role by holding the football way too long on a handful of plays. He usually gets away with that but that backyard, sandlot football didn’t work against the surprisingly stout Giants defense. He’s still passed for 3479 passing yards, 32 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and a completion percentage of 70%. Even with the 11 picks his QB Rating is still 107.0.

4. Kyler Murray (Cardinals)

Another early-season MVP candidate, Murray  (665 rushing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns) has come back to earth dramatically and his team is now 6-6. Defenses seem to have figured out Kliff Kingsbury’s offense and he hasn’t made the proper adjustments to sustain Murray’s early success.

The diminutive dynamo really hasn’t played well since his “Hail Murray” toss a few weeks ago to DeAndre Hopkins to beat a very good Bills (9-3) team.

All in all, he’s still having a solid season with 2987 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and a 67% completion percentage. His QB Rating is also very solid at a steady 94.5.

5. Lamar Jackson (Ravens)

The reigning NFL MVP is just returning from his bout with COVID-19. This season has been a bit of a challenge for him especially passing the football. Teams have keyed on taking away the middle of the field as the Titans showed you in the playoff matchup last season. At times this season, he looks as if he’s regressed in the passing game. Makes you wonder about Greg Roman as a developer of the QB in the passing game.

He also had Colin Kaepernick in San Fran who never really developed outside of the zone read passing concepts and Andrew Luck at Stanford who flourished in Palo Alto CA once he left. I’m not putting this all on LJ8. What still resonates is his homerun hitting and dual-threat capability as evidenced by his big fourth-down touchdown run against the hapless Cowboys.

The Ravens are in a battle for their playoff lives and need Jackson to be at his best to secure a playoff spot. For the season he has 2,055 passing yards, 17 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, a 63% completion percentage and a solid 93.0 QB Rating. Where he does his best work is as a runner with 669 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns.

Honorable Mention


Teddy Bridgewater (Panthers) – The team is young and inexperienced which has cost them some games they could’ve won, which would’ve possibly moved Teddy into the Top 5. He’s been a solid signal-caller who doesn’t wow you but doesn’t lose games for you either.

Cam Newton (Patriots) – He’s struggled but given 100 percent and solid leadership most of the season with limited weapons. Here they sit at (6-6) and a shot at the postseason.

Jalen Hurts (Eagles) – Relieved starter Carson Wentz last week in Green Bay and now named the starter after giving a once dormant offense some real juice. Let’s see how he does this week against a No.1-ranked Saints defense.

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