Tony Romo’s Back Injury Has The Dallas Ow!Boys Contemplating Life’s Fragility

This is for you Dallas-Fort Worth area denizens out there.

It wouldn't be a Dallas Cowboys season finale without a little unexpected melodrama. For two Week 17's in a row, Tony Romo has bellyflopped on Sunday Night Football in two de facto playoff elimination games. This Sunday, would have been his third opportunity to break the streak. However, as of today things have taken a turn for the worst because the Cowboys recently announced Romo had surgery on a herniated disk in his back and will be out for the reaminder for the season. Meaning he won't be available when Dallas faces the Philadelphia in a must-win matchup this Sunday. Back up quarterback Kyle Orton has been taking all the first team snaps in practice this week and is slated to start this week.

The NFL's Kenny McCormack was caught with another uppercut by fate.

Initially, the injury was described as a simple muscle tightness after Sunday's win.

"It didn't keep him from playing, it won't keep him from playing,'' Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Sunday of the injury.

Forget chocolate, back injuries are as unpredictable as Romo in the fourth quarter.

As of Wednesday head coach Jason Garrett was still clinging to hope that Romo will start and save his job the Cowboys season. That seems unlikely. Instead, the NFL will investigate whether the Cowboys left him off of the injury report intentionally despite his pre-existing back condition.

Meanwhile, Cowboy fans are left burying their sorrowful spoons in a few gallons of chocolate ice cream while pondering the futility of Sunday and the Internet muses about whether Dallas' marketing genius of an owner should sign Tim Tebow as Orton's emergency backup just for the sake of Nielsen ratings

Has anyone asked Dez Bryant's opinion about the possibilty of catching bounce passes from Tebow?

Didn't think so.