Tom Brady Was The Goat In Super Bowl LII

Tom Brady was the goat in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Make sure you get it right. Goat, as in, had the misplay that essentially lost the game. Without question, Bradys crunch time fumble was the difference in the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

For many, it was supposed to be the night that Brady ended the Greatest Of All-Time debate.

People would never mention Joe Montana again. It would be Brady and Brady only.

After all, all the great Brady had to do was beat a backup QB in Nick Foles. Few gave Foles a chance to dethrone Brady.

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But you said the Eagles season was over after Carson Wentz got injured.” #SuperBowl

Indeed, it was a foregone conclusion that Brady would win his sixth Super Bowl with ease. It would make him clearly the G.O.A.T in the NFL.

In fact, some media folks were even making the case that Brady would then even be better that Michael Jordan. That Bradys six Super Bowl wins in eight games would trump Jordans 6-0 mark in six NBA Finals.

Hence, Brady would take over the title of the greatest team athlete of all time.

Enter the fourth quarter. Winning time. Money time.

The Eagles were up, 38-33, with 2:21 to go. Brady had the ball and the Super Bowl in his hands.

Many expected to see a Brady repeat, just like against Atlanta a year ago. Many figured Brady would march the Pats downfield, score a TD and his storied career would add another chapter suitable for framing.

But on the second snap from center, Brady – who Ived dubbed the L.O.A.T – luckiest of all time – was lucky no more.

The Eagles Brandon Graham broke through the Pats O-line and was able to knock the ball free from Bradys hands.


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Detroit Crockett DE Brandon Graham sacks and forced fumble on Tom Brady in Super Bowl 52. Eagles are up 38-33 with 2 minutes left.

The ball bounced up into the arms of Derek Barnett.

It was the only sack the Eagles were able to muster the entire game.

As a result of the turnover, Philly added on a field goal, giving the Eagles a 41-33 advantage with about a minute to go.

Again, Brady, the Golden Boy, was thought to be able to deliver in the clutch, perform another miracle. Dont forget. Brady was down by eight against the Falcons in last years Super Bowl. Brady got a TD and a two-point conversion to tie the game in regulation. Brady won it in OT.

Not this year.

The Eagles, underdogs the entire playoffs after losing starting QB Carson Wentz, werent having any of that. They knocked down Bradys long pass into the endzone as time expired to win the Super Bowl, stopping the madness that was Brady.

Losing sucks, Brady said to the media after the game.

Bradys bad day at the office, when it mattered most, was summed up like this. They made one good play at the right time, Brady said.

Yes, the emphasis was on one.

The same could have been said in many of the Super Bowls he won. There was always one play or circumstance that changed Bradys fortune.

For many, it stopped all the noise about Bradys career.

The G.O.A.T. talk has always been too much, over the top, if you will.

Brady, indeed, is a great quarterback and has a lot of success in his NFL career.

But the fact remains that Brady has never dominated anyone in the biggest game.

More than anything, Brady has been very lucky. So many things went right for the former Michigan QB.

Rob Parker on Twitter

Believe what you witnessed last night. Tom Brady was ACTUALLY the goat in the Super Bowl with the game-losing fumble in crunch time. Nobody cares about yards. It’s about points. Nick Foles put up more. Remember, pro sports has a short menu: wins and losses. Brady LOST. Period.

Thats why Brady won five Super Bowls by a combined 19 points. And only last years Super Bowl win was decided by more than four points.

Easily, Brady could have been 1-6 in the first seven Super Bowls instead of 5-2 if teams didnt melt down to New England.

On Monday morning, despite a record-setting 505 passing yards at 40 years old, Brady doesnt look or feel as great.

Thats what happens when you lose. All the stats and the past dont count as much. Pro sports has a short menu: wins and losses.

And this Super Bowl loss was different. Nobody else lost it for Brady. Brady, in fact, lost the game.

Yes, Brady wound up being the goat after the dust cleared, just not the G.O.A.T. most expected.

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