TNT’s Players Only Show Is A Cultural Classic

TNTs new Players Only show featuring Chris Bosh, C Webb, Isiah Thomas and Baron Davis is must see TV. Its everything an African-American male would want to view in a sports panel telecast.  Theres four articulate, interesting and unapologetically Black former players (Isiah is a business mogul and WNBA executive) and culturally, they all work together to make the show refreshing, insightful, swagful and comedic.

It truly captures Black culture; from the slang terms that are used to the hip-hop references spanning Public Enemy to Migos, to the emphasis on Baron Davis fashion acumen and heated discussions between the panelists who collectively possess a base of NBA knowledge and experiences that you wont find on any other basketball show on TV.

Even the boisterous laughter and the loud-talking over each other in between analyzing clips makes you feel like you are on the block or at the crib on Thanksgiving with family.

The show is slated for five consecutive weeks of doubleheader action centered on showcasing the game exclusively through the unique lens of the pros. I think it has potential to rock in the offseason as well.

I love the direction of the show. I was engaged and either laughing, learning or relating on a deeper level than I do with most sports telecasts.

On Mondays inaugural post game show, there was an interesting exchange between Thomas and Davis, while viewing Seth Curry highlights. The brother of superstar Steph has recorded his first couple of games scoring over 25 points recently and he’s gaining confidence and establishing his own NBA career.

Davis agreed that Seth has been rolling and said he had, “The Hibatchi hands now” (I’m assuming that is a compliment). 

Isiah made a point to remind the panel that it was Seth who was projected to be the better player when they were younger as evidenced by the fact that, He went to Duke and (Steph) went to Davidson.

That’s where Thomas lost Davis and comedy ensued.

Every Time Isiah mentioned that Seth was the “better” brother back in the days, Davis would get out of his seat, turn his back, move further away from Isiah at the table and make a face and start whistling as to clown Thomas for such a ridiculous statement.

Isiah didnt like the shade too much and told him to come sit down. Just a tip of the iceberg for this show which is sure to grow in popularity quickly, especially within the Black community.

Listening to Isiah break down first hand how his late 80s Pistons teams with Rodman and Dumars would defend the Splash Brothers, and the old school confidence in which he speaks, was some fascinating stuff as well. 

Finally we have a show that is truly ours. Theres no white guy mediating the conversation and this is one show that seems totally free of any whitewashing.  So far, it seems as if Chris Webber leads most of the conversations. Thomas is the respected OG. Bosh is the most current connection to the NBA, with aspirations of returning, and Baron Davis is just a super cool brother who was an offensive terror in his day and one of those, if he only stayed healthy guys.

Together they cover generations of NBA basketball and tie in history to the present very well.

The entire spectrum is covered.  Just some fantastic and amazing brothers kicking it, having fun and giving meaningful opinions and analysis while incorporating everything culturally that Black people want to see in a sports show.

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