Tiger Won The Players Championship, While Sergio Garcia Took A Marco Rubio-Sized Gulp

Sergio Garcia's brain should be studied for science's sake, because I’m not sure there’s a professional athlete alive that can compare to his mental fragility under pressure. For the first time in a dozen years, Tiger Woods stood victorious at the conclusion of the Players Championship. However, the real takeaway was more about Garcia’s collapse than Woods holding onto his lead. Anytime Garcia takes the lead in a tournament of any importance, his confidence falls apart like a Jenga tower. Garcia walked up to the 17th tee tied with Woods, but lost it all by taking the most poorly timed drink since Marco Rubio’s State of the Union response.

After three errant swings, Garcia went quadruple bogey and double bogey on 17 and 18, hooking balls into the pond. In case you're wondering if Tiger Woods gives an eff about what people think about his course behavior, he exploded with a roaring expletive after teeing off on the 18th hole. Woods would par out to finish his four rounds 13-over par.

Prior to the final round, Garcia got a little salty towards Woods for removing a club from his bag during his swing and proceeded to chide him for not being a nice guy. Once again, Woods proved that nice guys finish last. Garcia's collapse cost him a nice chunk of change, but it also may have chopped off what was left of his self-esteem as a golfer.
Nobody knows what's going on inside of his brain, but his staggering finish has made him a target of intense ridicule on social media.

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