Tiffany Haddish Reveals The Person Who Bit Beyoncé

Everyone has heard about the notorious “who bit Beyonc” story, but now we actually know the person’s identity.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tiffany Haddish finally revealed the culprit’s name.

“Haddish asks whether I know who did it, and I whisper the name that’s been rumored: Sanaa Lathan. She smiles. “I’m super good friends with her stepmom and her dad [Stan, a producer-director], and they were mad at me,” she reveals. “They were like, ‘Why would you do this to the family? You know, black actresses, you guys have to stick together, it’s so hard for you guys to get work as it is, why would you try to ruin her career?’ But I didn’t try to ruin her career. I never said her name! I was just trying to say how Beyonc kept me from goin’ to jail that night. I coulda just shut my whole career down.”

You would think that after all of this Haddish would’ve been blackballed from parties and other celebrity functions, but it was actually the opposite.

 I got invited to way more parties after that,” she tells me. “It’s ridiculous how many parties. ‘Can you come to my party?’ ‘Can you come to my thing?’ They want me to talk about something at their thing ’cause they think, like, ‘This is gonna put me back on if Tiffany says something.'”

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