“Those All-Pro Honors Say Otherwise” | Richard Sherman Keeps Taking Shots. Says Broncos Can’t Get To Super Bowl Letting Russ Cook

Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman is at it again. The former All-Pro took to Twitter to troll his former teammate Russell Wilson during Sunday’s Denver Broncos 16-9 victory over the Houston Texans. Wilson struggled to throw the football early in the game and Sherman quote tweeted Wilson’s lowlights with an emoji of a cook. Implying that his former quarterback was done and also mocking the phrase “let Russ cook.”

When a user on Twitter responded to Sherman’s tweet saying Wilson was just as important to the Seattle Seahawks dominance as Sherman was, the cornerback took another opportunity to throw a shot at Wilson.

“Those all-pro honors say otherwise,” Sherman tweeted.

It’s safe to say Sherman doesn’t like his former Seattle Seahawks teammate. This goes all the way back to reports that Sherman and his “Legion of Boom” defensive teammates felt Wilson was getting too much credit for the team’s success.

Now that Wilson and the Denver Broncos have started the season wobbly it’s time for Sherman to do the “I told y’all so” bit.

Part of Sherman’s frustration with the Seahawks and Wilson, while they were teammates, was the narrative that the Seahawks would be better if they “let Russ cook.” Sherman opened up about that idea on his podcast earlier this year.

“You have not been anywhere close to a Super Bowl letting Russ cook,” Sherman said. “You will not be anywhere close to a Super Bowl letting him throw 30-40 times a game, because not only are you stopping the clock, so your defense, your time of possession, your propensity to turn the ball over is going to increase.”

Sherman also hinted that the Broncos failure to call timeout in their week one loss was due to Wilson not being a true franchise quarterback that has the power to call a timeout.

Sherman wasn’t the only former teammate that wasn’t “BFFs” with Wilson. Doug Baldwin is rumored to not be a fan and teammates said he “checked out” on them.

Those guys did win a Super Bowl together, it is a little strange that there is this much contempt,

The spotlight always burns bright on a quarterback but it is burning extra bright on Wilson. He was traded to Denver from Seattle after requesting he be moved. In all fairness the team had tried to trade him in seasons prior as well. Once he was dealt to the Broncos he signed a five-year $245 million extension, with $165 million guaranteed.

Whenever a quarterback secures that kind of bag, wins ar expected. Wins in January and February in particular.

We’re only two games through the season but that’s halfway to the quarter mark. Wilson will need to step up his play and perform at the level he and the team believes he is capable of.

If he continues to struggle and the Broncos continue to lose this will be one of the more colossal signing mistakes a franchise has made. Sherman and all of the Wilson truthers out there will be validated, and maybe everyone will decide Wilson was never really that good.

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