“This Man Jalen Called Me A Squatter”: Tamar Rose Calls Out Brother Jalen Rose For Selling Her Dead Mother’s Home While Tamar Lives In It

Jalen Rose is being accused of being a bad brother by none other than his sister. Tamara Rose took to social media to trash her famous brother, who she claims is kicking her out of their deceased mother’s home.

“My MOTHER passed 20 Months ago! I am still grieving her loss!!! How dare you bring ANYBODY in here to go in My Mother’s room!!” Tamara wrote on Instagram.

“This man is acting as if I do not exist and I do not live here! It will be 4 years in March. He has always said, I don’t know what it is about Detroit ni$$as, I’ve been all over the world but it summin about Detroit ni$$s they think somebody supposed to take care of them!!! I’m not just sum ni$$a off the street! I’m you SISTER, grew up in the same house with you, took care of you, raised you! You would do this to me! You let these white people see you treat your Sister this way with no conscious, heart or soul! The way I’ve been bullied, threatened, taunted, harassed, disregarded and disrespected us totally.”


Rose lost his mom, Jeanne, to cancer in February 2021. During Mother’s Day of that year, on “NBA Countdown,” the hooper-turned-broadcaster paid tribute to her with a video detailing how she came up with his name Jalen and how it became popular due to the Fab Five player’s athletic abilities. However, in his sister’s mind her brother is a “sellout” for wanting to sell his mother’s house, especially with her still in it.

“This is what happens when you FIND YOUR VOICE, DECIDE TO TELL THE TRUTH and are NO LONGER PROTECTING YOUR ABUSER!!! I’m tired of being quiet, I’m tired of taking abuse in silence to maintain HIS public image! Knowing he’s been lying for the last 26 years! This man has rewritten our Family History with his LIES!” Tamara continued.

“Has left a wreckage of people behind him who were used and disposed of! You will not get away with disrespecting me or mentally, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially ABUSING ME ANYMORE! Keeping it ALL IN is killing ME! The TRUTH WILL SET ME FREE! Because I’m not living the lie with or about the Man anymore! He’s just as real as his hair and his teeth!! To sell your Sister out and try to force her out of Our Mom’s Home! That our Mother ABSOLUTELY did not want sold is a straight up DISGRACE and DISHONOR to Our MOTHER!…”

Rose has two sisters, and the family did not have Jalen’s father in the Home. Jalen’s biological father, Jimmy Walker, was a No. 1 overall draft pick in the 1967 NBA draft. Walker played alongside Jerry West in the 1972 NBA All-Star Game. Rose never met his father in person, and he died in July 2007 of lung cancer.

“This Man Jalen called me a squatter(in this video)2xs in front of a white woman who was a complete stranger!! SQUATTER??? REALLY?? I’ve lived here since 2019! Happily and was Honored to be ABLE to take care of My Mother and Grandmother in this Home until they BOTH PASSED!”

Family feuds are never fun, and the Rose’s is breaking apart a bond messily before the eyes of the world.

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