This Can’t Be Life: 9-Year-Old Rapper Named Lil Poopy Being Investigated By Child Services

Meet rapper Lil Poopy. The bizarrely named Poopy earns as much as $7,500 per performance and has performed in upscale nightclubs with fellow artists French Montana and Diddy. He goes by the nickname Cocaine Cowboy and collaborates with a group known as the Coke Boys.

He’s also just 9 years old. Now his father, Luie Rivera is under investigation by child services in his hometown of Brockton, Massachussetts after police came across his raunchy music videos in which he raps about cocaine, machine guns and groupies.

His father, Luie Rivera sees nothing wrong with the video antics of Luie Jr.'s alter ego, which include grinding and slapping on the butts of older women.

“The kid’s got talent, why are they so worried about him rapping?” Rivera asked. “Everybody’s got a dream. Muhammad Ali wanted to be a boxer. The kids on ‘American Idol’ want to do country or rock. He’s doing what he wants to do, you can’t knock him for that.”

Whoa! Now breathe in and take that all in.

That's am extremely incongruent comparison. When Muhammad Ali was coming up in the boxing arena, he wasn’t bare knuckle boxing with grown men. When Bow Wow was Lil’ Bow Wow, he was writing rhymes about hittin’ J’s. Lil Poopy’s dad is writing the manual on how to raise a poorly adjusted kid. You can't go around letting your child refer to himself as poopy no matter how deep it may sound in his head. You see how well it worked out for Tity Boi.


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