Thinking Of Ballers’ Post-Hurricane Irma Storylines

While many are thinking of plot lines and story twists for Spencer Strasmore in the current season of HBOs Ballers, some are wondering how the show might address and incorporate in the future the lingering effects of this monstrous hurricane, Irma, that is barreling towards the city of Miami this weekend. 

The show known for opulence and big time money spent by big ballin players both on and off the football field is set in Miami. But what will happen if the city takes the hit that forecasters are predicting? What could happen in terms of developing storylines?

Ballers Narrative

The writers and producers could conjure up some pretty amazing plot twists and show themes with the fate of Florida as a character that may need to be reintroduced to the audience, post-Hurricane Irma. 

Ballers Season 1: Recap (HBO)

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But beyond it being the accurate thing to do in terms of show continuity, it could also be the humanitarian thing to do in terms of supporting the city it calls home after the storm clouds part and dissipate.  

Might we see Spencer dealing with players who have lost everything? Could there be room for Joe to build some sort of non-profit or foundation that might help survivors of the storm who need all the help in the world to rebuild not just homes but lives? 

We can absolutely see how some greedy character could mess things up and derive a ponzi scheme that robs the charity of millions, or shady characters taking advantage of the construction work that will be needed to rebuild homes and peoples lives.

Ballers Season Two: Teaser Trailer (HBO)

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Dwayne Johnson has a very special personal relationship with Florida. Hes a former football player who did his own balling at the University of Miami. Its the place he calls home. 

If there is a way to incorporate the true plight of the city, incorporating it into his work to bring forth an awareness of what is happening on the ground, he seems like the kind of person who would do that. 

Miami has been a playground for the uber rich and famous for a long time, but its also home to a very unique and diverse group of citizens with a phenomenal cultural, artistic, culinary and musical vibrancy. 

Its beauty and allure is what woos outsiders to come take part in their own little slice of paradise. But it is the aforementioned citizenry that make people want to call it home. 

BALLERS Season 3 TRAILER (2017) HBO Dwayne Johnson Series

Ballers Season 3 Trailer – 2017 Hbo Series starring Dwayne Johnson Subscribe: Folgt uns bei Facebook: About Ballers Season 3 Looking at the lives of former and current football players, half-hour comedy series Ballers follows former superstar Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) as he gets his life on track in retirement while mentoring other current and former players through the daily grind of the business of football.

Spencer Strasmore can be best described as being in the midst of finding himself off the field, having recently retired from an accomplished pro football career. He re-invents himself as a financial advisor with a moral compass who struggles to help his clients, young knuckleheads and  seasoned vets alike, navigate the many pitfalls that come with the combination of youth, riches and celebrity.

When all the dust settles from Irma’s impending destruction and people start to rebuild their lives in the Sunshine State, dont be surprised to see the amazing city of Miami emerge as more of a major character, one that Strasmore does his best to try and help.  

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