“They Had Kids In The Same Year” | Gary Payton Explains Two Sons Named “Gary” Born 5 Months Apart

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Gary Payton’s Hall of Fame NBA career didn’t come without life lessons.

“The Glove” had two sons with two different women — both named after their father — in the same year.

George Foreman Moment

“They’re five months apart. I was dating Gary Payton II’s mom, who I met in high school,” Payton said to VladTV. “Then, when I got in the NBA, I had a relationship with another lady. It so happened that they had kids in the same year. They both want to name them Gary, so I said, ‘Okay, cool, you can name one Gary, Jr. and one Gary the second.’
“So it was one of them things where it worked out for me. I’m happy for that. I have two sons named after me; we can keep my name going on. It just so happened that my son Gary, Jr., just had a son, so we named him Gavin, so we keep the GP II. It was one of the moments I had during my time; everybody goes through that when you get in the pros and it worked out for the best for me.”

The NBA Life

Although Payton is happy to be a father of four children and proud of them all, he came to realize that he didn’t take the feelings of their mothers into account as he was living the high life of an NBA star.

“Very messed up, and that’s why after that I never messed up again with anything like that because it’s not fair to them. I told my ex-wife during the speech in the Hall of Fame that she stuck through a lot of stuff with me, you know that one situation.
“I always think about when you’re in the pros; you get a different mindset. You’re making so much money. You think you’re invincible, then you can do whatever you want to do. A lot of us do it, and it is what it is. So I’ve thought about it, and that’s why I try to teach my kids to be a lot different.”

New Beginnings

Gary Payton II followed in his father’s steps into the NBA, and he is indeed a chip off the block, with the Golden State Warriors scoring 7.3 points and 3.6 rebounds on 62.3% from the field.

Gary Payton, Jr., his third son Julian, and his daughter Raquel are also shining examples of how his children absorbed the senior Payton’s growth.

“My boys have grown up to do a good job with that. I got four kids; my daughter is 33, my son is 29, and the other one is 29, and then the youngest one is 23. They’re just starting to have kids. My daughter’s married, she just had a baby, and my son is the same way. Gary II, who plays for the [Golden State] Warriors he doesn’t have kids and then my youngest one.”
“So I taught them the right way not to do things that I’ve done. Think about it a different way, and you need to be very ready to do this stuff and think about other people’s feelings.”

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