Here’s Why Gary Payton Believes LeBron Could Be L.A. Bound

LeBron James Decision 3 sweepstakes tour has begun and fans, media and Bronhive members will be chasing scoops, speculation and rumors and even just making up stuff until King James signs with his next Super Team. 

The sports talk shows, publications and social media outlets will have insider after supposed insider on with their opinions about where Bron should go, will go and could go. This summer will be a LeBron James take over and if you were tired of hearing about the worlds greatest hoop star every day, during every media cycle, then you need to leave the planet and come back in September. By then the sports world will be out of its NBA free agency frenzy and LeBron will have announced which one of the seven teams hes meeting with will be the lucky recipient of his services. 

With such scrutiny and interest comes assumptions. 

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Gary Payton said Bronny James is committed to Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles (via @sheena_marie3)

LeBron James eldest son, LeBron Bronny James, Jr., is one of the nations top young talents at just 13 years of age. Hes really just getting started on his journey which will start to take shape over the next five years. According to NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton, young Bronny is already committed to Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles along with Scottie Pippen and Kenyon Martins sons and his little brother will eventually join him. 

Payton is the first of what will be endless basketball commentators and special guest hosts who will try to offer some insight into where Lebron will sign. If James gets a haircut by a barber from Philly, hes going to the Sixers. When unsubstantiated reports come out about the Knicks pursuing Kyrie Irving, then Brons going to Boston. As he was being beaten and bruised at the hands of Steph Curry and the Warriors, reports surfaced that Bron will meet with Golden State and might go there. Last month it was Bron joining Houston, forming a Big Three and taking out Golden State. 

With the Lakers being on LeBrons short list of teams to visit and the Clippers emerging as a darkhorse, people feel strongly that Bronny’s unsubstantiated enrollment means Lebron James is one step closer to signing with an LA team. 

Gary Payton Exclusively Tells BSO LeBron’s Kids Enrolled in LA School & Coming to Lakers

Gary Payton Exclusively Tells blacksportsonline Sheena Davis He Knows LeBron’s Kids Are Enrolled in School in LA and What That Means For His Free Agency Decision. Read more at

This should be taken with a grain of salt and great skepticism because nothing has been confirmed by any of the potential parties involved, but Payton makes some good points, particularly concerning Lebron, who has said in the past that his family will determine where he spends his final years as a basketball player.  Also, Dwayne Wade says his homie will make his decision based on lifestyle. All of these hints suggest that LeBron, who already has two houses in California, is seeking an LA lifestyle. 

However, the Los Angeles based high school has denied any knowledge of Bronny James attending the school, which also doesnt mean anything because why would a school give personal information about a 13-14 year old kid to bloodthirsty news reporters ? 

You never know with LeBron James, who tries to keep his personal life as private as he possibly can. Get ready because the NBA free agent circus is in town and everyone wants a piece of the action. 

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