These Are The Five Stories We Want For Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’

Still hyped from all the news pegged to Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the fallout from Captain America: Civil War?

We sure are!

With Marvels cinematic and television properties in full swing, the anticipation is high for the next installment set to debut on Netflix. Mike Colter, who was impressive as Luke Cage, will now be headlining his own series appropriately titled (you guessed it!)  Luke Cage  and is aiming for a September release.

For the three of you left still wondering who or what a Luke Cage is, the comic series was created by John Romita, Sr. and Archie Goodwin in June 1972. Also known as Power Man, Luke was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, which imbued him with superpowers in the form of unbreakable skin and superhuman strength. Frequently, Luke teams up with Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist on a myriad of different and difficult adventures.

With the series soon to make its premiere on September 30, we are excited to see how Cage adds to the Marvel cinematic anthology.

Will he join the Thunderbolts for a quick-hit mission? What sort of Easter eggs will be littered throughout the series? These burning questions inspired us to think about the types of episodes that wed love to see when Luke Cage airs on Netflix. Without any further ado, wed like to present the five storylines wed like to see on Luke Cage.

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Our hero, Luke Cage, is caught in another one of Gideon Maces crazy plots. In this issue, the story continues from #43, where Mace plans to destabilize the United States for his own ends. While the show hasnt exactly said it would be a fantastical take on the popular series, Mike Colters character has impenetrable and unbreakable skin, so he would at least need to face villains and enemies who could possibly give him a run for his money.

On the Netflix show, audiences would be introduced to a character known as Jumping Burgundy. An ally to Luke Cage, Burgundy learns that an A-bomb has been strapped to Harlems hero for hire, and with Mace threatening the lives of New York City this would be a great episode to build out the Power Man universe on Netflix.

This would mark the first on-screen appearance of Danny Rand on Luke Cage. For this to work, not only would he have to be in the mix (thankfully hes already cast!), but the show would have to have Misty Knight and Colleen Wing.

In this episode, Mike Colters herculean hero would be after Rand for some reason that would force him to break into either Rands corporation or to go after Colleen Wing. The resulting fight between Cage and Iron Fist would be a precursor to their budding friendship, plus introducing Misty Knight would be a boon for Marvel, where theyve lacked in creating a strong female superhero community.

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In what could be one of a few crossover episodes between Luke Cage and his Defender compatriots, this episode of Luke Cage would feature Foggy Nelson (who is already slated to be on Iron Fist) asking the Heroes For Hire to protect a witness. Said person could possibly be someone who has seen the Kingpin plans develop deeper from inside those cell walls, which would be pegged to Daredevil.

Or, the eyewitness could be running away from Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher, in an attempt to hide from the ruthless mercenary. Either way, combining the players from Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage do well to build up hype for the upcoming Defenders event.

Its obvious that Luke Cage wouldnt be able to pull off this particular episode featuring the Latverian dictator (20th Century Fox owns the rights to Doctor Doom). Yet, the premise would be really cool to flesh out with another big named villain that Marvel has the rights to.

Face it, the enemies that the Blaxploitation Luke Cage faced tended to be mediocre to say the least. So, to make good on keeping Luke Cage in similar standing with his Netflix cohorts, this episode would find him taking on the Marvel Television Universes most dastardly villain, Carl Crusher Creel.

Also known as The Absorbing Man, this big league battle between Cage and Creel would tie in elements of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil and, of course, Luke Cage. Plus, this would be a good fight to see on screen.

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Spoiler alert, if you dont know about the budding relationship between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage then, please, re-watch the formers series on Netflix. Their level of intimacy was akin to the sheer violence in Daredevil, so merging the two for the latters series would make for an entertaining and engaging experience.

Pegged to Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipels telling of the wedding of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, this episode of Luke Cage would look ahead at the couples future, possibly utilizing Stan Lee in a real-life role as the pastor officiate who marries the two (he also did so in the comics). This would also fuel rumors of Stan Lees character being The Watcher, and make Luke Cage one of the must-watch programs streaming today

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