Jerky Boy Philadelphia Flyers GM’s Son Pushes Wheelchair Down Flight Of Stairs | Apologizes

Mercyhurst University hockey player Carson Briere, son of Philadelphia Flyers interim general manager Daniel Briere, said in a statement Wednesday he is “deeply sorry” for pushing an unoccupied wheelchair down a flight of stairs at Sullivan’s Pub in Erie, Pennsylvania, last Saturday, March 11.

“I am deeply sorry for my behavior on Saturday. There is no excuse for my actions, and I will do whatever I can to make up for this serious lack of judgment.”

Daniel also issued a statement apologizing on behalf of his son and saying the behavior is “counter to our family’s values.”

“I was shocked to see Carson’s actions in the video that was shared on social media yesterday. They are inexcusable and run completely counter to our family’s values on treating people with respect. Carson is very sorry and accepts full responsibility for his behavior.”

The woman whose wheelchair was pushed down the stairs identified herself on Twitter as “Sydney.” She said that Carson Briere was made to apologize by a bouncer at the bar, but she felt it was insincere.

Video from the bar’s security camera circulated online, and it was discovered that Carson Briere was the perpetrator.

Mercyhurst University also issued a statement about the incident.

“Mercyhurst University has heard a considerable outcry regarding the social media video of student Carson Briere showing him pushing an unoccupied wheelchair down a flight of stairs,” school spokesperson Debbie Morton said in a statement Wednesday. “Mr. Briere today issued a statement taking responsibility for his actions, and in doing so, he recognized his behavior reflects a ‘serious lack of judgment’ and that he is ‘deeply sorry.’

“The actions displayed in the video make our hearts heavy and fall short of our Mercy belief in the inherent dignity of each person. We pray for and are in solidarity with the victim and all persons with disabilities who rightfully find actions like this to be deeply offensive. Our Mercy tradition also reminds us that students and all people who make poor choices deserve opportunities to learn, change behaviors, and atone for harmful actions.”

The school has also determined that the three individuals in the video are student-athletes. All three have been placed on interim suspension from their athletic teams per school policy, pending the outcome of an investigation.

What Carson Briere did was cruel, insensitive, and wrong. But beyond apologizing and saying he will “learn” from this incident, what can be done?

There is no room for this type of behavior and lack of civility among human beings, yet it occurs all the time.

Carson Briere lacks decency, and despite what his father thinks, his actions are in line with the value system he’s been taught.

When someone does something like Carson did, he clearly has no regard or respect for the individual to whom he’s causing distress or potential harm. He also doesn’t believe there will be any repercussions or consequences for his actions — at least nothing severe enough to not do it. That’s a learned behavior. That’s a value system he has adopted.

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