The Yankees Rush Derek Jeter Back From Rehab And He Immediately Gets Hurt

Derek Jeter's return was everything you might expect from a 39-year old legend who played a grand total of one rehab game after missing 91 regular season games with injury.

He received huge ovations, made solid contract, got a hit, drove in a run, and left the game early with tight quads.

Surprised he was rushed back? So were the Yankees. Brett Gardner was shocked to learn Jeter was not only back in the bigs, but starting at DH. "Derek's playing today? That's awesome," he said before the game.

Apparently there was a reason Jeter was encouraging writers covering his stint in AAA to embellish his performance: He wasn't physically ready. 

As was discussed ad nauseum during the NFL Playoffs when RG3's knee crumbled in front of America, coaches and management are supposed to know better. Upper management is supposed to put players in the best possible position to win, now and in the long term. They are the check that prevents athletes from hurting themselves. An athlete's job is to perform at the highest level possible regardless of the cost. When both entities do their job, it usually translates into success.

When they don't, Derek Jeter winds up leaving his first game back with tight quads in the fifth inning.

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