The Weekend In Tweets 4.15.13

This was a jam-packed weekend. Kobe Bryant is facing a potential career-ending injury. Tiger Woods was assessed a two-stroke penalty that basically took him out of contention after a viewer called in to complain. I still want to know who has the phone number to call and how they got it. Adam Scott gave a performance for the ages in winning his first major.

Twitter was spectacular and here are some of the best tweets from a great weekend.

Anything is possible.

She’s fine, though. With her crazy ass.

That will be the only time those two are in the same sentence.

People are stupid. There is no way I’m withdrawing myself.

With all due respect, that is dumb.

I can’t think of a worse season.

Kid earned my respect.

He should have tried it.

It was one of the better performances of the year.

He’s such a great fighter; hopefully, people will give him a chance.


No love for the Wu?

That’s fair.

They really seemed legit.

That is awesome.

He’s got game.

Caddies make a huge difference.

Awesome picture.

It was marvelous!

This must happen.

It will be discussed now.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

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