The Weekend In Tweets 3.4.13

This weekend was a perfect storm of pop culture on Twitter. We had a great Sunday of NBA basketball, several top 25 NCAA basketball matchups and Kevin Hart got his shot at hosting Saturday Night Live. People were tweeting about a biblical history show while rooting for their favorite housewives. In fact, there was so much action, people nearly forgot that we won’t see any football until August. 

Not all barbers are created equal.



Kobe was amazing.

You should have copyrighted that.

Strong praise.

Oh, the irony.

Good luck, Randy.

This actually happened.

It happened again.

Good use of the block button.


Oh me, oh my.

There you have it.

Somebody should make that happen.

Y’all gonna charge Magic?

I guess that means you didn’t like it.

It was a bit choppy.

You did play poorly, but his clothes look worse.

Damn, homie.

They’ve been out of hand.

Three hours is a long time.

But if she knew….

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