The Undeniable Blackballing Of Colin Kaepernick Continues

For those that are still clinging to the idea of Colin Kaepernick not being signed to NFL team because of pure football reasons, I offer you yet another example that appears to further strengthen the growing belief that he is indeed being blackballed.

On Wednesday, former San Francisco 49ers teammate Blaine Gabbert was signed by the Arizona Cardinals to a one- year deal. The former first round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars had been in San Fran for three years, starting 13 games in the past two seasons. He threw 15 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

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Then head coach Jim Tomsula replaced Kaep with Gabbert in Week 9 of 2015 out of sheer desperation after the team started out 2-6. The Niners would win that game against the Atlanta Falcons, but Gabbert’s relatively pedestrian abilities would garner just five starts before being replaced by Kaepernick last year in Week 6 by head coach Chip Kelly.

I cram to understand how a player can lead a team to a Super Bowl, as well as two other deep playoffs runs, and find himself without a team, while a player of Gabbert’s unquestionable mediocrity signs a deal. There have been some whispers and clamoring regarding his $9 million price tag being too steep, and perhaps teams are just waiting on his asking price to drop.

But now there’s even a source quoted by stating Kaep didn’t even ask for that much.

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There was even a since debunked rumor from ambiguous source put forth by sports media provocateur Peter King that said Keapernick had “moved on” from football to concentrate on his activism and charity interests.

Cointelpro, Cloak and Dagger and NSA tactics are being incorporated to sink Kaep’s career, that’s what my gray matter gleans from that information.  I could be wrong, but really, you see how they try to do your boy?

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