The Ultimate Rap League and Queen of the Ring First Completely Co-Ed Card Was Perfect

One of the most incredible battles of sexes, Kings vs. Queens, took place on Saturday, October 17th, pitting the Queen of the Ring up against the Ultimate Rap League. The owners, Smack White and Babs Bunny, selected the most elite talent from both organizations to rep not only their brands but also their gender.

Who would emerge victoriously? The girls or the guys? The ladies or the gents? The belles or the bucks? Or was this a night of a whole bunch of preference-based debatable?

Well, if you focused on the Face-Offs, you might think that the ladies had it down pack — as they were talking extra spicy. Assured and strong, the women spoke with a level of confidence that the men were not expecting and seemingly knocked them off their square. This was best demonstrated by C3, who barked on her opponent like he stole something.

Most of the guys approached the Face-Offs with the typical confrontational energy that they always have. Sure DNA was laid back and Charlie Clips was cracking jokes, but for the most part, they stuck to the script that they have traditionally acted out against their male counterparts. That is except for Tsu Surf.

Attired in a dress shirt, he came into the space and started to set the table for a date — not a combative back and forth. The “What Changed” rapper pulled out a red and white gingham tablecloth, simulating the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene from the classic Disney movie, placing two red candles on the table to set the mood. He did not cook a classic meal but provided his opponent 40 BARRS, a Lunchable with Reese’s Pieces cup. To drink? He brought a bottle of Barefoot wine with no glasses and two Capri Suns. This move won the night for him and set him up for a victory the next day.

Battle Rap is a subjective sport. While these we judged battles, there were some debatable contests that should be noted, and that will probably spark controversy.

Casey Jay (Bardashians) vs. Swamp

The victory was clear for the lady from Texas. Swamp’s stylish southern charm just did not work. His angles that tried to check a woman in her place was lame and did not translate well. Rapping like that, he will never get the T-Top bag that he desires. However, rapping like that maybe Casey Jay will.

C3 (Goonies) vs. Rum Nitty (EFB, Team Homi)

The definition of a classic and preference battle, people are up and arms about who the victor was in this back and forth. People who love the way that Rum Nitty wilds out in a round pointed to him as the winner, and people who lean more toward C3’s signature talking to her opponent and performance got her as having the best showing. Both of them showed up, but while fans have voted for Rum Nitty, we are giving it to C3.

E Hart vs. K Shine (NWX, Zip ‘Em Up)

E Hart’s career is solidified. Nothing can undo the victories that she has already snatched, nor the warzones she has already walked through effortlessly. Her pen is elite. This day, it did not level up to that of the battle rap god, K Shine. In fact, with no disrespect intended, there probably aren’t any days that she will place ahead of the person who right now is one of four of the most deadly lyricists in the game. He considers himself a hired hitman— not caring who he is called to smoke. And by the way, he crafts his round (bars, delivery, humor, punches) he loves every part of the kill.

[jwplayer 0uA1gt1C]

Viixen the Assassin vs. DNA (NWX)

DNA has many names: the Champ, the PG Killer, the Freestyle King. Like his NWX brother, he knows how to win battles and understands the science of lyricism. That said, so did Viixen the Assassin. They appeared in battle as unpredictably mirror matches. Round for entertaining round they sparred and while DNA’s third round was crazy (just a brilliant construction of thought and cultural commentary) there was something magical happening for the Midwest maven. There are three stages to the birth of a star, according to Science Direct, and they are nebular, pro-star, and nuclear fusion.

[jwplayer ShAEbn1f]

Once that star is birthed it is called a Blue star. Fans witnessed her rapid progress through these stages in 3-minute intervals and now is considered the hottest (like a real star is) illumination in female battle rap. So no matter how great DNA was, Viixen was destined to be the most talked-about of the night. Stars always outshine everyone else.

Couture vs. Charlie Clips

These former lovers came through to settle their differences for once and for all. Their substantive relationship must have been hilarious as Clips and Couture are both natural comics. Couture leaned on her gags and fake personals to get a reaction and the former Wild ‘N Out star dripped in the rounds. People loved it. They had all the elements of a great battle, but at some points, there were some barbs shot at each other (and a boyfriend) that could point to unresolved tensions from their relationship. The fans voted for Charlie. They were not wrong. But it can also be argued that Couture was the winner. Charlie choked in a round but he is so masterful in how he came out of it, that people hardly hold that against him. At the same time, she stumbled a little too. Damn, this was a good joint.

O’fficial (NWX, Bardashians) vs. Arsonal

Arsonal is a king in battle rap, one who has carved his name in the boulders of the culture’s Mt. Rushmore, and to get to stand before him was an honor for O’fficial … and she understood it. She went into the Kings vs. Queens event with her guns drawn, her own arsenal of rhymes, punches, and performance to chop off an extremity from the rap world wonder, like Napoleon did the Sphinx. She came prepared. She fought hard to accomplish a goal. The problem with that is that Arsonal also came with a mission.

[jwplayer bfvjbIfv]

He was otherworldly, creating no opportunity for a very good O’fficial to beat him. He won with no debate … but the loss was not one for her to be ashamed of at all. She showed up and represented her gender well.

40 BARRS (Team 40) vs. Tsu Surf (Gun Titles)

A lot of people have Surf clearly losing this battle, and they would be wrong. It is not clear. He Jerseyed the third and people are tired of what some call “two round” Surf. But … There are some who say that it is debatable, edging two rounds before blowing the third. He came to the contest with the classic Surf that the world loves; smart bars, narration, and exciting performance. When he raps, he draws you in with the way the former English major strings sentences together to create lyrical prose. The problem with this is that he fumbles the ball — not excuses he trips up. At the same time, 40 pushed through her perfectly manicured rounds with her signature tone and slick wit. Her pace was solid and her voice deliberate. She unpacked her bars and laid them out in clear and precise sections like the compartments of the Lunchables that he offered her in the Face-Off. For her, it was important for her to win.

[jwplayer at9uqLTo]

It was important for her to make the statement. It was important for her to put down a flag, not just for herself but for all the women who have been pushed aside and dismissed because they have two breasts and a womb. 40 BARRS will go down in history as the winner.

Kings vs. Queens went so well, talks for the next one is already in the works! Great move for equity in the culture. Smack and Babs prove that you can do this again.

All battles are now available on the app.