First dates for men can be stressful. Often times, getting the woman to say yes is the easy part. You’ve seen her around at enough events to gather what her night-out expectations likely are, plus,  you guys have been flirting for weeks. You got this down. She’s going to say yes—that much you know. But after that, then what? You have to decide upon a time and place and how much you want to spend on her.  You have to decide what you want as the best case scenario—some women are space fillers, while others have wife written all over them—and what you’re going to wear. Too dressy and she might think you’re pressed but if you come to the spot too casual, she’ll tag you as a joke. With all of this on the brain, you need something as simple as cologne to be easy. You just want to put it on and smell good and not have to worry about it for the rest of the evening. We all need a go-to smell and the newest version of Terre’d Hermes certainly qualifies. It smells exactly how you want it to smell—spicy and citrusy and masculine—without beasting the whole room. It has a Hermes logo on the bottle so you’ll have to break a couple of bills in order to bring it home. But so what, once your date gets a whiff of all the goodness coming off your body she might offer to split the check.  She won't really mean it of course, but the fact that she asked, guarantees she’s already game for a second date.

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