The Shop: LeBron James, OBJ Discuss The Price Of Fame

LeBron James didnt waste any time getting into some deep issues on his new HBO Sports show ‘The Shop‘. The concept while not new, has never been broadcast over such a large audience. When brothers kick it about sports in the barbershop, it’s a no-holds-barred, racially infused often very personal and emotional conversation. 

Its the conversation beneath the conversation that you don’t normally see on television. The discussion goes deeper than social media which for some celebrities has become the least private of place on earth, an easy pitfall for failure and attacks. 

‘Odell Beckham Jr. on Being in the Spotlight’ Official Clip | The Shop | HBO

New York Giants All-Pro wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. talks about feeling like a “zoo animal” and the pressure his fame has brought him. Stream the full episode of The Shop now on HBO. #TheShopHBO #OdellBeckhamJr #HBO Subscribe to the HBO YouTube Channel: Don’t have HBO?

On the first episode of The Shop, LeBron kicked it with OBJ, who just signed a record-breaking wide receiver deal for $95 million with the New York Giants.  

Most people believe that Odell Beckham Jr. loves the attention he gets. His thirst for the spotlight is substantial, like his desire to be seen as a martian superhero by fans and media. On Brons show, Beckham Jr. revealed his true feelings about being one of the sports biggest superstars. 

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Lakers’ LeBron James and NY Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. discuss double standards for black athletes & white athletes & claustrophobia of fame From James’s new HBO Sports show ‘The Shop’

In my opinion, I’m not sure what to make of what OBJ said because he appears to live for the attention and fame. If nobody recognized him when he walked through the streets, hed probably be on suicide watch. Its a total contradiction. What I do know is that a $95 million dollar contract is a great motivator, so he needs to keep dancing right across that end zone and becoming the Giants legend and Super Bowl champion he says he wants to be. 

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