The Sacramento Kings Don’t Look Like They’re Going Anywhere Near Seattle

Since the Maloof brothers put the Sacramento Kings up for sale, speculation grew that the NBA would finally return to Seattle. That speculation burst to a fever pitch when a group from Seattle, led by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer, made an offer to buy the Kings.

But Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has been steadfast that the Kings won't be going anywhere, going as far as to say he was as sure as a Steve Nash free throw that the team would remain. It appears his instinct was correct. 

An NBA relocation committee voted to keep the Kings where they are, voting unanimously in favor of Sacramento. This is widely considered a huge victory for the the city and virtually locks the Kings where they are.

It's bad news for Seattle. Ballmer said he can't imagine Seattle having a stronger offer or better case for a team to move there, and David Stern doesn't have any plans for expansion.

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