The RGIII Craze Takes Over A Cambodia Orphanage

In Maryland, it's not odd to see a mass of Redskins No. 10 jerseys every Sunday, especially as playoff season began. But now, Robert Griffin III's fanbase is spreading worldwide. The first stop: Cambodia.

International volunteers John and Sarah Turosak spent some time at an orphanage Siem Reap, Cambodia, where they apparently gave the kids some Redskins gear and taught them an RGIII chant.

As expected, Washington's signalcaller has made headlines throughout the summer. From his injury rehab to his wedding this weekend, fans obviously can't get enough of Griffin. Now, RGIII'ers are spreading their obsession to the youth.

The scenario here is definitely unique as well. Imagine a bunch of Cambodian kids, decked out in Redskins shirts, emulating RGIII's trademark "Griffining" pose while chanting his name. Weird, right? Now I'm imagining Redskins fans doing the same thing back at the DMV — oh boy.