The Return of RGIII

The last time we saw an active RGIII on a football field was January 6th of this year when he led his Redskins into the playoffs after a five-year drought.  This moment was tailor made to showcase the league's brightest new star and foreshadow a perspective of things to come.  That is until…the buckle heard round the world.  The prognosis was not good as it was revealed that Griffin had indeed suffered tears to the ACL and LCL of his right leg.  For Washington fans who had been tormented through recent years of disappointing seasons, this simply could not be happening.  But that is before they realized that RGIII is not your average player.

After a successful surgery three days after the injury, RGIII was already optimistic that he would return and be ready for the start of the 2013 season.  By Valentine's Day the rumbling started as there was talk of how his progressions in rehab were ahead of schedule.  

Redskins officials already are encouraged enough with @RGIII's recovery to believe he has a legitimate chance to start on opening day. – ESPN's Adam Schefter (February 14, 9:53 AM)

Next, it was only a week later that Griffin's primary endorser adidas added a log to the fire releasing an ad campaign entitled "All in For Week 1."  

As rehab continued, it was on March 23rd that a trusted voice provided even more confidence that Griffin may indeed make his ambitious goal of returning to play in Week 1.  It was in a statement from Dr. James Andrews, widely regarded as the top orthopedic surgeon in sports, who described the quarterback as "superhuman" in his recovery efforts.  He went on to compare Griffin to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and former two-sport star Bo Jackson as exceptional natural athletes and genetic freaks to whom conventional recovery timetables don't apply.
In late April RGIII began to throw. In late May he began to run.  By mid-July the second year QB declared himself ready for training camp by saying he 'feels great' and was hoping to be cleared for takeoff.  After getting into camp Griffin grew more and more anxious and continued to ask for additional responsibilities to test the knee and prove his readiness.  However, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan chose to proceed with caution understanding the risks and decided to shelf the QB throughout the entire preseason.
But now, September 9th, eight months removed from a gruesome injury that most mortals never recover from stands one of the most resilient and mentally tough athletes today, ready to lead his team in the opening game of the 2013 season.  The story has been told about the long road back to recovery, so let the curtain be pulled back for the opening act of RGIII. What should we expect?  I think you already know.