The Required Steps Needed For Creating A Lakers Big Four

This is the time of the year when LeBron James becomes the most important person in the sports world. It’s an interesting time when hoops groupies and sports junkies try to become mind readers and make the best guess as to what King James is thinking, while he says nothing. 

He sits back on the throne and enjoys being the center of the universe. Enjoys keeping everyone in suspense while he basks in the glory of being The Chosen One. When Bron is switching teams, he immerses himself in the NBAs marketing madness. A LeBron James free agency is like the first day of the MLB season. Everybody has a shot. Not really, but in theory and for some fans thats enough. 

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LAvengers This. is. LIT.

The first Decision didnt work out that well for Brons image. Nobody really figured hed got to the Miami Heat, but he had decks to stack and rings to win, so he handled his business. That decision shocked a lot of folks, but we understand who LeBron James is now more than we did back then. 

LeBron James Makes His Decision: Miami

Ending weeks of silence and drama, LeBron James said on his ESPN special on Thursday night that he’s decided to join the Miami Heat and leave the Cleveland Cavaliers after an unsuccessful seven-year quest for the championship he covets. (July 8)

When he returned to Cleveland, most considered it a very noble act to come back to the crib and lead Ohio to its first NBA championship. Its probably the most honorable thing hes done on the basketball court in his career.  

Now, Bron is back at it again. After four seasons back home, word on the street is that hes looking for another destination with the opportunity to reportedly bless seven teams with a meeting. Six of them have no chance of signing him and its very likely that he has already set the wheels of his immediate future in motion and already knows where he is going to sign. The pieces just have to fall into place and of course, the media moshpit has to be milked. 

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Kawhi. Paul George. LeBron. @ColinCowherd envisions what a Lakers superteam could look like

I never thought that LeBron James would leave the Eastern Conference, where he’s dominated — going to eight straight finals — for a tougher Western Conference with super talented squads that would make his claim to omnipotence much harder. 

However, the early rumors swirling is that the Lakers and Magic Johnson are putting the pieces together to enter the 2019 season with a “Big Four” of their own.  Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio. Whatever happened over there, somebody done messed up and reportedly he wants to come to LA. Leonard has been adamant about leaving the Spurs and is trying to force a trade. If LeBron does switch conferences it makes sense that he would land in Los Angeles where his son is supposedly enrolling in high school according to Gary Payton. 

Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter

Sources: So far, Leonard has expressed nothing directly to Spurs about future. Lakers and Clippers interest Leonard — and both teams would move quickly to assemble packages to acquire Leonard. Spurs won’t rush. Leonard and his camp had shown interest in $219M super max deal.

While Magic Johnson tries to execute the offseason of the century, fans and media have already suggested scenarios on how the Lakers can do it. 

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Scenario : The Lakers trade Kyle Kuzma + Brandon Ingram and future draft picks for kawhi Leonard. * Then, the Lakers sign Paul George, LeBron James, and Demarcus Cousins in Free Agency. * Potential starting Lineup 1) Lonzo 2) PG 3) Kawhi 4) LeBron 5) Cousins

The Lakers still owe Luol Deng $37 million dollars, which could throw a monkey wrench in the entire situation. Magic has to find a way to clear off that money so he can add a third star, whether it be Paul George or a DeMarcus Cousins.

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Bro the lakers owe luol deng 37 million next year

Bringing George back home to California and teaming him with Bron and Kawhi, would give the Lakers a certified Big Three. With Isaiah Thomas now healthy and recovered from the hip surgery that has plagued him the past season, the Lakers would have a legit Big Four with each player capable of scoring 20-30 points every night. 

Building this Big Four will take a lot of strategizing, some luck and some prayers. Its a long shot, but if Magic could pull it off, the Lakers would become instant contenders and the Western Conference would no longer be a cakewalk for Golden State. 

Mike Greenberg on Twitter

That said: Lebron, Kawhi and PG would be the best big three in the sport and it wouldn’t be close. If #Lakers can somehow pull that off, they’re the favorite to win it all.

It will also be a more formidable challenge for Lebron who has never had to deal with so many strong teams over the course of a regular season while playing in the significantly weaker Eastern Conference. Houston will be one year hungrier after taking Golden State the seven-game distance in the Western Conference Finals despite losing CP3 for the last two games of the series. Golden State is still Golden State. They might even get better by adding some new supporting parts. 

Everybody loves LA and the media hyperbole is already in full swing as many believe the Lakers would automatically become the favorites to win it all. The World Champs will have a lot to say about that, but it definitely makes for excellent sports talk content until the actual day of Brons “Decision 3” arrives. 

Nobody knows if going to Holywood is even in Bron’s plans, but talking about it is the fun part because there will be a ton of disappointed fans when he makes his final choice. Some folks might start burning his jersey and cursing his good name again. Just like they did in 2010. 

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