The Refs Take Over Game 4 And The Pacers Manage To Level The Series

The Indiana Pacers tied the series up against Miami Heat in Game 4 after Lance Stephenson came to life, dropping 20 points to go along with the strong interior play of Roy Hibbert (23 points 12 boards) and David West (14 and 12). The Pacers played the second half at their pace and dominated the glass, particularly after Chris Bosh went out of the game with an ankle injury. 

The referees had almost as much impact on the game as some of the key players. There were a lot of calls for minimal contact as the referees seemed to blow their whistle at any opportunity. LeBron James fouled out of the game with less than a minute left, and it sealed Miami's fate as they couldn't make up the four point gap. The final score was 99-92.

The series returns home on Thursday for Game 5.

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