The Raiders Are Still Keeping The Bag Away From Mack. Here’s Why.

Oakland Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack is arguably the best young linebacker in football. So, there’s a great deal of speculation as to why the Raiders haven’t signed him yet. Mack, who has been holding out the entire offseason, recorded at least 10.5  sacks in each of his last three seasons.  

Word is that Mack hasn’t spoken once to Raiders head coach and team president Jon Gruden, which Gruden himself has denied.

Khalil Mack is easily the best player on the Raiders’ roster and ideally people tend to ante up when it’s time to pay the best. Meritocracy is supposed to be one of the pillars of sports on every level. However, for getting a total of 40.5 sacks in his four-year career, Mack has been given the proverbial gas face by the Raiders organization.  His teammates miss him, but he’s getting no love from a new Raiders regime that seems behind with the times since Gruden reappeared.

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The head coach has an unprecedented 10-year deal, the players are all abuzz regarding the potential for advanced scheming and game planning, but none of that will matter if the very best players aren’t suited up.

Recently, fellow NFL holdouts WR Odell Beckham Jr of the New York Giants and DE Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams each secured the bag. Beckham is currently the highest paid wide receiver in football thanks to his deal, while Donald is the highest paid defensive end in history thanks to his.

Aaron Donald Finally Secures The Bag From The Los Angeles Rams

It took the Rams long enough.

Currently, Denver Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller is the highest paid LB in the league at $19 million per season. Mack’s rookie contract was a four year deal that gave him an $11 million signing bonus with an average salary of a little over $4.5 million per year. He’s slated to earn $13 million this season. However, although Miller is arguably the better of the two, he ain’t isn’t six million dollars better than Mack.

So, where does that leave us? Currently, there are rumors of teams angling to offer high draft picks to acquire take Mack off their hands. But it would be a total waste on many levels. Firstly, any team taking Mack would have to mortgage a considerable part of their present and future to get him on their team. It’s also a waste for the Raiders, who are trying to contend in the AFC West, one of the toughest divisions in football.

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