The Race for the First She-Ro Film

    Since the announcement of DC Comics' Wonder Woman as the first female superhero to receive her own film, nerds and studio executives alike have been scrambling to come up with another bankable female superhero blockbuster idea.  While all of the hoopla has been centered on Disney's The Avengers, Fox's X-Men, and Warner Brothers' Superman and Batman, it appears that Sony might be the first to give a female superhero her long overdue treatment. 

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    According to Deadline, Sony Pictures is pushing the Spider-Man film franchise to 2016 and revamping the entire storyline to reportedly include the addition of a female superhero. This Spidey friend will have her own film in 2017. The addition of this, as yet, unnamed character is likely to come after the current Sinister Six storyline that was alluded to in Spider-Man 2 leading to a third franchise installment that will likely be released in 2018. 

    Over the years, Spiderman has been associated with a fair share of superpowered female characters, including the Black Cat and Firestar from the 80s cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. The surprise addition could be Spider-Woman, but her Avenger membership may not fit with Sony simply because that trademark is owned by Marvel Studios and Disney. 


    For now, the Wonder Woman movie is the only female superhero film we know of that is officially set to drop in 2017.  But as always, The Shadow League will keep you posted on the details as they come to light.