The Presidential Debate II In Tweets

Last week, Mitt Romney had Barack Obama on the ropes in the debate game. Tuesday, Obama showed us he’s not falling for the okie-doke. Romney wasn’t as flustered as, say, Paul Ryan versus Joe Biden; but Obama called Romney’s bluff on several issues. Meanwhile, we knock our athletes for not being politically involved, but this election has brought their opinions to the forefront. 


Hey, aren’t you in a lock out?


Short and sweet.


Use the fact checker, Sir!


At least she doesn’t have to write policy.


I’d go for an old fashioned mush.


Okay so who are you with?


It’s funny how that works.


Why don’t you run for office?


And some people are buying them like hotcakes.


Just don’t pick Jay Cutler.


Go with what you know.


Do what, Spencer?


America isn’t a company, so it isn’t that simple.


He needs more people.


Since you aren’t in the playoffs, guess you have time for victim-shaming?


Hell of a comeback.

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