The Poker Face Is Real | MaximBet Makes Nicki Minaj First Female Lead Ambassador/Executive In Sports Betting Industry

Nicki Minaj is taking monumental steps beyond her music career, and the iconic, barrier-breaking rapper is now making history in the sports betting industry and doing so at the perfect time.

Minaj is not only dipping her toe into the sports betting industry but is also the first female lead ambassador and executive in the sports betting industry.

The best-selling female rapper in history, with over 100 million units sold across albums, singles and features certified by the Recording Industry of America, has entered into a multi-year global partnership with MaximBet, a privately held licensed sports betting and gaming operator that launched last year. The sports betting company is partnered with the well known media company Maxim.

This is a major step for Nicki, as we’ve seen plenty of her peers join different facets of the sports industry, like Kanye West and his creation of Donda Sports, and Drake and his similar partnership with crypto betting site Stake. We are also beginning to see these artists invest in more business ventures that are buzzing within pop culture today. Gambling in general, and the way public sentiment has shifted since many sports leagues embraced associations with sports betting, might make it the most popular pastime in our society at the moment. 

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Executive Sh*t: Creative Director of Maxim Magazine

With this deal, Minaj is also becoming the new creative director of Maxim magazine, special adviser to the MaximBet Board of Directors, and she will also be heavily invested and involved in MaximBet’s future plans for iGaming.

As creative director for Maxim magazine, she will also collaborate with MaximBet on various merchandise, events, fan/consumer experiences, and a plethora of other things associated with MaximBet, while essentially becoming the face of the betting company.

Taking on all of these responsibilities is a prestigious duty for Minaj, and when talking about her partnership with MaximBet she was very excited for this next phase of her legendary career

“I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a collaboration. Merging business savvy power moves with my natural, creative, sexy, fun, and fashion-forward expression is just so spot-on as it relates to this partnership.” Minaj said.

“I’m ready to fully step into my potential as a young, influential Queen, and owner and open doors for others to dream big. Get ready for the sexy parties and remember: scared money don’t make NO MONEY!!!! HA!!! Place your bets!!!! Let’s GO!!!” she continued.

The “Starships” rapper was very enthusiastic about the aesthetic of the partnership and how it accentuates the type of person she is and how she and MaximBets go hand in hand in the type of style and lifestyle they represent.

Showcasing this lifestyle and taking advantage of the smart businesswoman Minaj is will significantly increase visibility, younger generational appeal and business for the new betting company.

MaximBet CEO Daniel Graetzer is just as excited and enthusiastic about this partnership and what it holds for their futures. 

“Nicki is best known around the world as a mega superstar, but we know her as a brilliant  businesswoman,” said Daniel Graetzer in a statement.
“Her role as a strategic advisor to MaximBet will be invaluable to us. She’s built one of the most powerful brands in the world, her own, and she’s applying that same savvy and creativity to our lifestyle sports betting brand. I couldn’t be more excited to be working with her — she is creative, smart, passionate and bold. There is no one better suited to helping us take this form of entertainment mainstream.” Daniel continued.

It’s a very strategic move for Daniel and MaximBets to align themselves with one of the most successful and iconic artists of all time. Being able to pick the brain of Nicki Minaj, who has climbed the ranks of the music industry and taken it by force, was a great way to help not only promote his betting brand, but to increase it exponentially.

Minaj has amassed one of the largest fan bases, and morphed her musical brand into a versatile empire, expanding into territories that many musical artists don’t ever dream of. 

What this partnership does is solidify what everyone already knew. Nicki Minaj is way more than just a rapper. The woman from New York’s Jamaica, Queens district is a talented, smart, savvy, determined individual who’s broken boundaries from the day she broke ground with Lil Wayne, Drake and Young Money.

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