The #PepsiHalftimeShow In Tweets

All hail the queen. If you didn’t already know, it is now official that this is Beyoncé’s world and we’re just fortunate to live in it. Her Super Bowl performance was legendary and will go down as one of the best of all time. Twitter was nearly shut down with people chiming in on her greatness and we caught some of the best ones here.

It was amazing.

She can’t be stopped.

Put a ring on it.

She’s winning the game of life.

It was glorious.

If you say it must be true.

Prince was in the rain, though.

She was rocking.

Enough said, Sir.

I’d love to be a fly on that wall.

Even the terrorists wanted to see Beyoncé!

You didn’t have to shade Keri!

But you’ll never get anywhere near a Super Bowl.


Amen, Michelle.

I guess that means you liked it.

So that means she’ll make the morning show.

Very classy move!

Wow! Even Skip liked it.

You can’t recruit her, Les.

Good work young fella.

Real recognizes real.

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