The Patrick Peterson Comparisons to Deion Sanders Keep On Coming 

Earlier this month, we entertained the idea of Cardinals corner Patrick Peterson being the next Deion Sanders, which is something of a fad amongst their fans. The comparisons are warranted though, as his athleticism and return skills are reminiscent of Prime Time back in his day. Cardinals general manager Steve Keim thinks so, too.

From ESPN:

"From an ability standpoint, I've never seen anything like him. He's the closest thing in the league to a Bo Jackson, a Deion Sanders," Keim said in an interview with "I've seen him stand on the field flat-footed and throw the ball 65-70 yards. He goes out to practice as a wideout, and runs a 10- and 15-yard out as well as anyone on our team. His value to our team is really unparalleled."

With plans to include Peterson in a couple of offensive plays this season as well, expect to see a whole lot more of him. Though we don’t expect him to start playing baseball anytime soon.