The NFLPA Makes A Stand For Drunk Player Safety

The NFLPA entered a partnership with Uber, the mobile app that allows users to easily book cab rides using their phone and GPS technology, to help players get home from nights on the town (or shopping, there's no judgment here).

Players will receive a $200 grant to begin using the service after which they are likely to have to buy their own rides. Uber generally costs about the same as a regular cab, so players should be able to afford the rides. Either way, it's much cheaper than a DUI, which can easily spiral into NFL fines or suspension, not to mention legal ramifications. 

This is an excellent move by the NFLPA, one that should put an end to athletes picking up DUIs. Though it seems preposterous that many high-paid athletes or celebrities could not get a cab ride home in the first place, there really aren't any excuses when a ride is always available at the palm of your hand.