The NFL Thinks Black People Are Stupid

Colin Kaepernick’s long-awaited, long overdue NFL workout turned out to be nothing more than a collaborative effort by Jay Z, the NFL, Stephen A.Smith and other African-American kings of media to throw Black folks a bone that was rotten to the core and never truly intended to provide Kaepernick with a chance to play in the NFL.

We can start with the part of the story that gets buried under the pushed narratives:

The underreported fact that this was more than just an NFL workout. Black people and people from all over the country ascended upon Atlanta to either support Kap or get a glimpse of the mythical figure who risked his livelihood to stand against oppression in this country.

The NFL understands that Kap supporters far exceed the few closeminded, capitalistic and racist adversaries that exist. The League has looked bad enough during the past three years and didn’t want to give Kap’s popularity, campaign or legitimacy another boost. That’s where this last-minute waiver comes in.

The NFL let it be known early in the process, that the workout had nothing to do with giving Kap an opportunity to play again. It was an attempt to protect itself from any future claims of collusion. A dog and pony show to say the least.

It was designed for disaster from the beginning.

The same folks who said he was anti-American and against the military because he wanted the world to be a better place, were always intending to spin the narrative that he doesn’t really want to play in the NFL. Somehow they attempted to turn his selfless, social activism into an ego trip.

Posted by Champ Mc on Sunday, November 17, 2019


One prominent Black voice basically said Kaepernick played himself by not giving up his rights and going along with the sham, despite red flags all over the place that the NFL wasn’t seriously going to give him a shot.

If you haven’t been under a rock for the past three years, Kap’s lawyers are some of the best in the business. The collusion against him has already been proven and a settlement was met. Still, haters complained about him not being available for interviews the past few seasons, knowing he was engaged in sensitive litigation proceedings against the NFL and it wasn’t in his best interest to talk.

Besides, the NFL didn’t want him discussing things and it wasn’t a smart move to do an interview tour, especially if he ever hoped to get back into the league. The NFL didn’t even want the settlement disclosed. Look deep enough and you’ll see a billion-dollar corporation that thinks Black America is dumb and easily influenced.

Those who control the narrative, however, choose to ignore these facts and instead, frame a story to aid in discrediting Colin Kaepernick.

They definitely don’t want to give Kap his platform of legitimacy back.

Fans have been begging for Kaepernick’s return. The NFL has continued to ignore the requests of its fan base and pander to the few blowhards that threaten to boycott and not do business with the NFL if they support this Black man kneeling for social injustice, racial injustice, and police brutality.

The President told NFL owners they were suckers for allowing peaceful kneeling by players during the anthem.  He got a certain cross-section of America riled up and ready to ride out on KKK missions against Roger Goodell’s League.

The propaganda train continued this weekend, as the league dragged Nike into the circus, to help shape its narrative that Kaepernick doesn’t want to play and is just grandstanding for publicity.

Kap and his team saw early on in the process that it wasn’t legit.

The NFL hasn’t changed its stance on blackballing him or attempting to make him look bad. They sent 25 teams to see him workout at the ATL Falcons training facility, but the league also wanted the results of the most anticipated NFL workouts in history to be hidden from the pubic.

To a person with any sense, it looked like another attempt by the league to shape the narrative again. By keeping the media out they would have the option of saying that Kaepernick had a poor workout and therefore, no teams were interested in signing him.

By trying to get him to sign a tricky legal waiver that they know his lawyers would never allow him to sign, the NFL got what they wanted. Kaepernick moved the workout to anther site, invited the media and reportedly only eight teams showed up as the others were immediately given an excuse to bail out.

Black Media Kings Ride With NFL

The comments of some of our prominent black media, who show a severe lack of understanding of the legal complications with Kap’s workouts, have been even more disturbing than the entire debacle of a process that we witnessed on Saturday. 

These guys are using Kaepernick as well, to gain Brownie points with the same corrupt culture of corporations that keep the NFL’s ownership 100 percent white. The League has decided to cover its tracks by rewarding a few minority talking heads with a national platform — a few rap moguls with the keys to the NFL’s robust diversity and entertainment revenue stream — as long as they are willing to present Colin Kaepernick as the enemy. 

These particular folks appear to be straight selling out for the dollar. We already know how the NFL gives it up. The NFL let Black people down once again and this time, they have prominent Black influencers helping them do it.

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