The NFL Plays Drug Pusherman 

When people say that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a hypocrite, it’s not really a personal diss but rather an observation based on available data. The NFL Players Association alleges teams improperly gave players painkillers in a lawsuit filed by more than 1,800 former NFL players that surfaced in March. On Monday, the NFL Players Association filed a grievance against the NFL, claiming they violated the collective bargaining agreement because of the over-prescription of painkillers.

Those that have been following the NFL’s drug policy will recall Goodell recently stating marijuana is “unhealthy and addictive” as recently as April 28. Meanwhile, all scientific data that is available has stated that marijuana is not a physically addictive drug. Yet, prescribed opioids commonly prescribed by NFL medical staff to players are very addictive, some are more addictive than heroin.

The deposition states “the NFL and clubs have disregarded CBA requirements as they apply to the proper, legal, medically ethical prescription, dispensing and transportation of painkillers.

NFLPA general counsel Tom DePaso lists seven items of relief they would like from the Arbitrator if the NFL denies the grievance, including teams terminating physicians and medical personnel who violated their obligations to players.

Having recently punished the New England Patriots to the tune of forfeiting first and fourth-round draft picks plus a $1 million fine for alleged conduct relating to taking a tiny amount of air out of footballs, it is incomprehensible that the League has taken no action whatsoever against Clubs to redress and incentivize compliance with their Article 39 obligations towards the health and safety of NFL players, DePaso wrote.

The NFL will fine you for celebrating in the end zone and suspends players for PED use. What should it do to itself for being a drug dealer?

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