The NFL Is The Most Valuable Pro Sports League In America | Worth More Than NBA, MLB Combined

The NFL is raking in the money and so popular that according to Forbes, it is worth more than the next two most popular major sports in the states.

Forbes has the NFL listed as more valuable than the NBA and the MLB combined, which can only mean one thing; the NFL is making a lot of money.

NFL Worth More Than MLB & NBA Combined

Forbes recently came out with their most valuable NFL sports teams list, ranking the teams in order of monetary value, and of course, the Dallas Cowboys are leading that list.

As a league, the NFL has no equals.

JPAFootball tweeted “The #NFL is king: the estimated value of all 32 teams combined is $163 billion, which would be more than ALL the NBA and MLB franchises COMBINED, per @Forbes. The average value of an NFL team is just over 5 billion. There is nothing like football… And there never will be,”

Soccer Rules World, NFL Rules States

It’s pretty clear that the world’s game is Soccer, and that the fans all over the world parade that sport, but in the States, this is America’s game. It’s no surprise that “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys once again topped the charts, with their total.

Jon Machota tweeted “Forbes: “The Dallas Cowboys remain the most valuable team in the league at a record $9 billion, 13% more than a year ago. The Cowboys generate the most revenue ($1.1 billion) and operating income ($500 million) by far in the NFL.”

The Dallas Cowboys are followed by the New England Patriots, whose valuation stands at $7 billion, and rounds all the way out to the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 10 with a valuation of $5.8 billion.

What is interesting about some of the teams in between the top spots is that they haven’t been successful, or even competitive in recent years.

Teams such as the Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, and New York Jets have all been sort of laughingstocks over the years in the NFL recently, so it’s interesting to see that what they lack in performance on the field, they make up for it in location, brand and popularity.

These are big-name cities with huge markets for the team to make a killing in.

Meanwhile, the NFL’s most recent dynasty in the making, the Kansas City Chiefs, stands all the way at No. 23 in the rankings at $4.3 billion.

Regardless of the teams’ earnings, cash is king, and who knew that a game that only fields 17 regular season matches, with a one-game elimination playoff format, would reign supreme?

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