The NFL Is Still Dragging Its Feet On HGH Testing

The NFL is getting closer to implementing HGH testing and it seems like they inevitably will. Players are speaking out in support of the measure, and there was a four-hour meeting on Wednesday to finalize the arrangements for the upcoming HGH population study. 

All that's really been agreed upon at this point is that players will offer blood samples while doing their training camp physicals to determine an appropriate threshold for a positive test. 

The league agreed with the NFLPA in the most recent collective bargaining agreement that there would eventually be HGH testing. 

No one can really speak to the time frame in which this is expected to occur, but the ball is at least rolling. What exactly does the league stand to benefit from HGH testing? It sounds like a sure way to compromise the quality of the game, monitoring the hormone and testosterone levels of football players.

Why not think of a more sophisticated way to use performance-enhancing drugs in a safe manner? Maybe that's just ridiculous.

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