The New York Giants Are Out Of Sync

The New York Giants are 0-2 and people are askin' questions. Never mind that they G-men played the Dallas Cowboys on the road to open the season (a much worse prospect than late in the season during their annual collapse) followed by the Super Bowl favorites, the Denver Broncos.

That hasn't stopped the speculation for what's wrong with the Giants, as if you thought it would, including from DE Justin Tuck. He told that he think's Eli Manning is "pressing" due to the lack of running game. 

He also seemed bewildered as to why the vaunted Giants defensive line hasn't brought the pressure thus far. "I wish I knew the reason,: said Tuck. "I'm searching for answers, seriously. I encourage feedback. If anybody has any ideas, I'll listen."

I have one: calm down. Both Manning and coach Tom Coughlin have a knack for turning things around just in time to make a playoff run. This early in the season, against two of the toughest team in the league, isn't exactly the best time to solve a team's problems. In fact, it's a much easier time to figure out what they are. 

But against the Carolina Panthers and KC Chiefs, New York's next two foes, they might just be able to work out some of the kinks. 

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