The NBA Twitter Rankings: Which Players Tweet The Most?

Spencer Dinwiddie, Greg Brown III, and Torrey Craig are the most active NBA players on Twitter, according to a new study.

New research by odds comparison experts, studied the Twitter accounts of every active NBA player to see which players were really “outside” when it came to the social media platform.

Mavericks point guard Spencer Dinwiddie was the most active on Twitter, tweeting 33,632 times since joining the platform in 2011, an average of 8.72 times a day. Active in the league since 2014, Dinwiddie has played for the Pistons, Bulls, Nets, Wizards and Mavericks over eight years. Dinwiddie’s most popular tweet came in March 2020, with over 16,000 retweets and 130,000 likes.

You might not be too familiar with Greg Brown III, power forward for the Trail Blazers, but his Twitter game is All-Star status, and he comes second. Joining Twitter in 2016, Brown has tweeted 15,537 times in 1,924 days, an average of 8.08 times per day.

Having only played in the NBA for a year, Brown was drafted in the second round of the 2021 draft by the Pelicans but then traded to the Trail Blazers for the 2021-2022 season. Brown’s most popular tweet was posted in October of 2021, with over 3,000 likes.

Third place goes to another unheralded social media maven. Phoenix Suns small forward Torrey Craig comes in third with 32,548 tweets made since joining in 2010 and an average of 7.82 tweets per day.

Craig has played in the NBA since 2017 after first playing in the Australian NBL. His most popular tweet was posted in November of 2020, with over 900 retweets and 6,500 likes.

Lakers shooting guard Talen Horton-Tucker comes in fifth place, with an average of 6.97 tweets per day, thanks to 20,963 tweets since joining Twitter in 2014. Drafted by the Orlando Magic in the 2019 NBA draft and then traded to the Lakers, Horton-Tucker became the second-youngest player to win a championship in 2020, aged just 19.

Six-time NBA All-Star point guard Damian Lillard makes it into the top 10, with 24,583 tweets made since he joined in 2011, giving him an average of 6.1 tweets per day. Lillard also held several NBA awards, including Rookie of the Year in 2013, the Rising Star award in 2012 and 2013 and was named in the NBA 75 in 2021.

In terms of where the NBA’s biggest stars rank, Kevin Durant comes in 18th place on the list with 5.2 tweets per day since joining Twitter, Draymond Green comes in 28th with 4.48 tweets per day, Steph Curry comes in 140th with 1.65 tweets a day and LeBron sits in in 131st with 1.74 tweets per day.

KD is also the only player in the top 50 to have more career points than tweets, with 25,365 total career points and 24,525 tweets to his name giving him the best point-to-tweet ratio on the list. Jeff Green has the second-best ratio with 1.10 and Dwight Howard comes in third with 1.21 tweets per point.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from Sidelines said: “While some players like Kawhi Leonard have chosen to step away from using social media, some NBA players can’t get enough of it.

Twitter is also one of the main ways NBA stars communicate with fans, so this list may also highlight the players who do that the most.”



As you can see the list is flooded with players who most wouldn’t know were in the league. Guess that’s why they tweet so much.

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